Tweed Heads Aboriginal aged care - support services built on respect

Our Tweed Heads Aboriginal aged care services are for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) elders (people aged over 55) in the local community and outside the area. At Canowindra, we always consider your needs. We want to know your story; and we understand you need to know ours.

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Tweed Heads Aboriginal aged care and support

Canowindra Tweed Byron Aged & Disabled Aboriginal Corporation in Tweed Heads provides a range of services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people including:

  • Cedric House short term low care respite
  • Community care packages
  • Social support
  • Disability support

We work closely with service providers like hospitals, social workers, discharge planners, health workers and families to provide seamless care and support.


Why we are different

Our Tweed Heads Aboriginal aged care team will take care of everything you need. Our service is different to mainstream services in many ways:

  • You can access short stays instead of blocks, giving you more flexibility
  • We connect with people on a cultural level – we look after our mob
  • Close-knit, community-based homecare
  • Highly trained, professional ATSI care givers
  • Culturally appropriate care and consideration.


Why choose us for Tweed Heads Aboriginal aged care?

ATSI communities and people are very close knit and most people know everyone in the community. We connect with you, your family and carers on a cultural basis. Most likely we’ll know each other or someone in common. Just ask us and we’ll tell you about our mob.


We understand your care needs

We provide culturally appropriate Tweed Heads Aboriginal aged care services. We understand that you may need different people present (or not present) and may not always be open to accessing mainstream services in the community. It’s very important to us that you are able to access the care you need; in a way you feel comfortable.


Flexible, culturally appropriate support

Our Tweed Heads Aboriginal aged care team are all ATSI people – we are very resourceful at finding solutions to many different problems and questions. All our ATSI services are culturally appropriate and flexible. We work together to help in any way possible within the scope of our funding.



We provide aged care support services designed to help you or your family members aged 55 and over to live as independently as possible. If you’re not sure of your eligibility, we can help you work out how to access the services or type of help you might need. Your story always matters at Canowindra Tweed Heads aged care.

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